/helpLearn how Emote Manager works
/premiumLearn about Premium
/pingSee if the bot is alive
/supportGet Support
/inviteInvite Emote Manager
/emote managerSet a role to use Emote Manager, that bypasses default access permissions
/statsShow emoji and sticker stats
/filterApply filter modifications to Emojis & Images like B&W, Sepia & Mirrored
/role_iconChange the role icon of a role
/delete_allDelete all stickers and/or emojis
Managing Emojis
/emotesShow all emojis in the server
/emote addAdd an emoji to the server
/emote deleteDelete an emoji from your server
/emote renameRename an emoji in your server
/emote bigGet a big version of your emoji
/emote importImport emojis to the server via .zip file
/emote exportExport all emojis
Managing Stickers
/stickersShow all stickers in the server
/sticker addAdd a sticker to the server
/sticker deleteDelete a sticker from your server
/sticker renameRename a sticker in your server
/sticker bigGet a big version of a sticker
/sticker exportExport all stickers