Subscribing to Emote Manager Premium is now in the Discord App. Click the $2.99/m button below or click the Emote Manager profile and “Upgrade” to sign up!

Emoter Pro


  • Add more than 5 emojis to your server in a single command
  • Automatically fill animated Emoji slots when static slots are full
  • Automatically Convert GIFs to Emojis & Stickers


  • /role_icon - Set role icons to any emoji and reset them (useful on mobile)
  • /emote import - Import Emojis via zip file
  • /emote export - Export Emojis via zip file
  • /sticker export - Export Sticker via zip file
  • /delete_all - Mass delete all Emojis & Stickers
  • /filter - Apply filter modifications to Emojis & Images like B&W, Sepia & Mirrored

Already a customer?


If you subscribed before April 18th 2023, you can manage your subscription here. All new subscribers can manage their subscription in Discord User Settings → Subscriptions or clicking the "Manage" button above.